Dinas Sosial Jawa Barat New Look

  • Client: Dinas Sosial Jawa Barat
  • Start Date: 11/07/2019
  • End Date: 01/21/2020
  • Services:
    • -Website Development
    • -Branding
  • Collaboration:
Dinsos Jabar is an abbreviation of the West Java Provincial Social Service which contains information that bridges the social needs that exist in West Java.

Results of Work carried out for this project.

We revised the starting page of the Dinsos Jabar's site from the start. Jins Dinsos uses a Laravel based framework, we update the blade file with a fresh look.

Published Link
What we do to finish this projects?

We did an analysis of the Dinsos Jabar's website, then we discussed with the Dinsos Jabar team about the expected new look. We discuss and look for references for new look to fit the needs of the Dinsos Jabar.

This is the appearance of the previous Dinsos Jabar's website:

Then we change it to a new look like this:


The challenge is that the version of the framework (Laravel) used is an older version, so some of the libraries used are not updated. We are trying to adjust the version with the appropriate resources.


We started the work by conducting intense meetings with the Dinsos Jabar Team. Then we briefed with the technical team with the design team and the programming team.

We made a draft design sample in the form of drawings, then we confirmed it to the Dinsos Jabar Team. When it has been approved we immediately create a "blade" file in Laravel, then we publish. We then make a final presentation to the client.