Instagram Campaign DPMPTSP 2020

  • Client: DPMPTSP Jawa Barat
  • Start Date: 03/01/2020
  • End Date: 12/31/2020
  • Services:
    • -Digital Marketing
  • Collaboration:
The PMPTSP Office of West Java Province in carrying out its main task is to carry out government affairs in the field of investment and one-stop integrated services, including the development of the investment climate, investment promotion, investment services, controlling the implementation of investment, data and investment information systems.

Results of Work carried out for this project.

In this campaign at DPMPTSP we do:

1. DPMPTSP West Java Social Media Management every day

2. Conduct weekly reporting on DPMPTSP West Java Social Media.

3. Create an Instagram Filter for use by many Instagram users.

4. Do Instagram Ads management.

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What we do to finish this projects?

We conducted a briefing with the West Java DPMPTSP team to improve engangement in the Social Media DPMPTSP West Java. Our implementation starts from Content, Ads, IG Filters, to Reporting.


In the middle when we were managing Sosmed Instagram, we were in the Covid-19 pandemic. So at that time the content that we could share was very limited.


We always discuss every week about what topics will be delivered in Instagram feeds. We also discuss how to increase the number of Instagram Engagement every day.

In addition, we also always try new ideas such as revision and use of mascots, new design styles for feeds and ig stories, etc.

Especially for mascot, we take voice over in our office for the characters used in Sosmed DPMTSP in the form of 2d animation.

In addition, our team also made an Instagram Filter to increase engangement to the DPMPTSP West Java instagram page when used by Instagram users.