Mobile App ENEOS

  • Client: ENEOS
  • Start Date: 06/10/2020
  • End Date: 04/30/2021
  • Services:
    • -Website Development
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ENEOS is an in house brand of lubricant products manufactured by ENEOS Corporation.

Results of Work carried out for this project.

We created a Android and iOS Application for Eneos Oil Indonesia. Application with eneos company profile and product knowledge from the Eneos brand. Eneos is one of the big brands, but tends to be new in Indonesia. So we make an application to help people can easily find the product on the store near them. We display interactively from product shelves, news, locations to purchase eneos products, etc.

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What we do to finish this projects?

What we do is we develop the Eneos Application. Our application is made using the latest technology. We make sure that now people will know more about Eneos product and where to find them easily.


Because Eneos is an international brand and very large, Eneos brand is also oil number 1 in Japan, but when expanding into Indonesia, the Eneos brand is still a new brand because in Indonesia it is already controlled by other oil brands. Therefore we try to give an easier way to know more about Eneos product and where to find them. We also help the user to know what kind of Eneos oil product that the best for their vehicle.


We started making the application through a briefing to the Eneos team. We were given some direction on how Eneos Brand should be presented, analysis of competitor, and also what Eneos products are.

After that the Vaganza Digital team conducted a comprehensive analysis of application needs. We then presented a draft application, which was subsequently approved.

We then develop the application for Android and iOS device.

After that, we makes sure that Eneos application are ready and can be downloaded at the App Store on iOS and Play Store on Android.