Multimedia Counseling and Tipiring Information System Software SATPOL PP

  • Client: Satpol PP
  • Start Date: 08/04/2020
  • End Date: 01/08/2021
  • Services:
    • -Website Development
    • -Video Production
    • -graphic design
    • -Game Development
    • -Digital Marketing
    • -2D Animation
  • Collaboration: -
Satuan Polisi Pamong Praja (Satpol PP) "Public Order Enforcers" are municipal police units in Indonesia which are under the control of local governments of each province and is operated by the Ministry of Home Affairs.

Results of Work carried out for this project.

We make educational multimedia in the form of games and animated videos and information systems. This multimedia and information system will be used in SATPOLPP's counseling and tipiring car.

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What we do to finish this projects?

We made educational multimedia in the form of games and animated videos for the public regarding the rules, so the public will be more familiar with SATPOL PP.

And we created an Information System that will be used to conduct trial of minor offenses on the spot. This multimedia will be used in the counseling and tipiring car owned by SATPOL PP.


The number of chapters we have to study before making animation is a little time consuming. As for the information system, we had to study the forms and various articles used during the trial by SATPOL PP.


Animation: We held a meeting with SATPOL PP to ensure the articles to be used and the appropriate storyline. After the storyboard is created and approved, we immediately create assets for animation. After the asset is approved, we immediately create an animated video using Adobe After Effects.

Information System: Implement form files that have been collected into forms that are filled out through the application where the results of filling out the form are stored in a database. The judge or substitute clerk can see and decide the case by looking at the recording of the result of filling out the answer form.