Olle Digital Campaign 2019 2020

  • Client: Olle
  • Start Date: 08/01/2019
  • End Date: 09/30/2020
  • Services:
    • -Video Production
    • -Digital Marketing
    • -Branding
  • Collaboration:
OLLE - Online Learning is a learning application that helps students prepare for exams both in the midterm (PAS), national exams (UNBK), and joint college entrance selection (UTBK SBMPTN)

Results of Work carried out for this project.

We manage Instagram social media from followers to only 2000 followers to date (May 10, 2020) reaching 46.3k followers in approximately 4 months.

1. Instagram Management

In addition we also manage ads that are done on Instagram. We ensure that every advertisement must be in accordance with the exact needs and targets. We always evaluate and report during weekly meetings with the Olle team.

2. Video Commercial Olle

We made a commercial video about what Olle is and how to use it. The video was published on youtube and became the video used during pitching and events.

What we do to finish this projects?

We have a discussion with the Olle team about what campaigns will be carried out. Especially for social media, we manage daily content and ads for Olle Instagram which we report weekly to the Olle team.


Updates every day and there are daily approvals related to content makes us must be ready to always change the content at any time required by the client. Luckily we use our system, Vaganza Social, which makes it easy to change and or manage Olle's social media assets.


Before managing social media, we first make a commercial video for Olle. We prepare story ideas, storyboards, time shooting, crew shooting, location shooting, and talent.

Shooting location itself is in the Olle office, we prepare all the equipment needed for shooting starting from the property, wardrobe, and technical equipment such as lighting, cameras, boom mic, tripods, etc. We used the Black Magic Pocket Cinema Camera when we were shooting.

Before shooting, we briefed the talent to explain what was expected in each scene such as: expression, facial expressions, pronunciation, etc.

We do the same scene with the same place so we have time efficiency. We will preview every shot so we don't need to retake again later. We use Adobe Premiere software when editing video and use Adobe After Effects for making motion graphics and visual effects.

For Social Media that we manage, we make a schedule about what content and topics every day that must be submitted. Every content will always ask for approval from the client. When the content is approved, we will create a graphical asset and do the scheduling in Vaganza Social app.

We use Adobe Illustrator in every post design for Olle's Instagram feeds.

We make one by one for each graphic asset and always adjust to Olle's brand guidelines. Each of our characters draw one by one.

In addition, we also conduct photo sessions using influencers so that we have photo assets used for Olle's Instagram feeds assets.