Website Kalyana Learning Centre

  • Client: Kalyana Learning Center Indonesia
  • Start Date: 02/10/2021
  • End Date: 07/13/2021
  • Services:
    • -Website Development
    • -2D Animation
  • Collaboration: -
Kalyana Learning Center is a Learning Center that facilitates interests and talents, the development of children and adolescents, as well as its supporting ecosystem, including: family, teachers, schools, communities.

Results of Work carried out for this project.

We create a website containing various information about the Kalyana Learning Center. Introducing a place to learn for various groups in a website that is minimalistic and easy to understand.

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What we do to finish this projects?

We create a website that is easily accessible and minimalist to provide various information about the Kalyana Learning Center. We also provide various kinds of illustrations that make the website more attractive. Kami juga memberikan fitur 3 bahasa yaitu, bahasa indonesia, bahasa inggris, dan bahasa jerman.


Since it is still new and there is still a lot of information missing from Kalyana, we have to wait for some content such as filling content with the 3 languages provided. Then, the many illustrations that we had to prepare took a lot of time. And some of the adjustments that have been made take a little time.


First, we held a meeting with Kalyana to get references and a moodboard for the website they wanted to create. Then we started making wireframes with Adobe XD from the initial content they had prepared. After that we started making mockups and illustrations using Adobe Illustrator. After everything was approved by the parties, we started to make the front-end and back-end for the website.