Digital Research

Today's digital research has become indispensable for studying current market conditions. Digital media such as social media is an important tool for learning trends and public opinion about the topics you want to learn.

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Step 1: Briefing

Let's have a meeting. Then discuss what you want to look for through digital research. We will provide some suggestions while exploring your needs.

Step 2: Set Subject

Adjust the subject to be studied. We also might give suggest keywords related to the main subject of the study. At this stage, maybe we will also make a digital questionnaire if needed.

Step 3: Set Responden Target

Next is to determine the target respondents according to the subject we are examining. Starting from determining the location of the study, gender, age, platform, etc.

Step 4: Set Media Target

Then we determine on which media the research will be conducted. Whether through Social Media like: Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, etc, or also through direct person using the questionnaire method.

Step 5: Do Research

At this stage are the stages where the research is conducted. We may make adjustments if the results of the research are found to be less effective.

Step 6: Build the Report

After the research is complete, we will make a report on the results of the research that we have done.

Step 7: Present the Report and Recomendation

The last stage we will present the results of the research that we are doing and provide recommendations for what can be done in the future.