Interactive Display

Interactive display makes excitement in your place. We can make interactive displays with various types of games in the form of touch, movement (kinect), drag, camera, etc.

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Step 1: Briefing

We will have discussions with clients about how the system is desired by the client (Platform, Functional, Input, Network, etc)

Step 2: Analysis & Planning

The next step is to analyze what assets must be made, how the story, how the interaction, etc.

Step 3: Asset Creation

The next step is to make a graphic asset that will come out like: characters, item, background, animation, etc.

Step 4: Programming

Here the team of programmers will create an Virtual Reality program. We also test various different platforms if needed.

Step 5: Publishing & Installation

The next stage is by testing to check whether there is a bug or not, then publish it. We will also help to do installation in the platform that client's want.

Step 6: Presentation

In the last stage we will present the finished Interactive Display. If there is a revision, we will make a revision. The revision that we provide is 3 times without changing the previous concept. There are additional costs if you need more revisions.