Motion Graphic

Similar to animation, motion graphics also display content very nicely. Unlike animation, motion graphics are shaped into motion designs. Usually used for advertising, video mapping, bumper videos, etc.

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Step 1: Briefing

We will have discussions with clients about how the Motion Graphic is desired by the client.

Step 2: Storyboarding

The next step is to create a storyline, complete with narration and storyboard so that clients can follow the story to be made.

Step 3: Assets Creation

The next step is making assets. Here we will create graphic assets: typeface, shape, backgrounds, transitions, bumpers, and so on.

Step 4: Motion Creation

The next step is making motion. The graphic assets that were created earlier will be moved using Adobe After Effect software. If you need 3D assets, please click the button below.

3D Visualization

Step 5: Editing & Rendering

Motion graphic that have been completed will be rendered to be raw videos, which are then edited, added sound effects and background music, then rendered again as ready to publish videos. If you need Voice Over Talent services, please click below:

Voice Over Talent

Step 6: Presentation

In the last stage we will present the finished Motion Graphic. If there is a revision, we will make a revision. The revision that we provide is 3 times without changing the previous concept. There are additional costs if you need more revisions.