Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a vital role for digital marketing of your website. By doing SEO, your prospective customers can easily find information about you. We can help you to do organic SEO so you can increase company sales.

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Step 1: Briefing

First let's have a meeting. Then express what keywords you want to do optimization.

Step 2: SEO Site Audit

We will do an SEO audit of your company website. With this we will get information about the condition of your website SEO starting from the use of headers, robots, sitemaps, backlinks, etc.

SEO Audit

Step 3: Keyword Research

We will also research keywords for the targets that we have set before. Besides that we will also help provide alternative keywords along with the level of popularity and competition.

Step 4: SEO On-Page Optimization

The results of the SEO audit that we have done before will be used as a reference to improve your website technically. We may need access to your website for us to optimize.

Step 5: Build a Backlink

We will also enter your website address to websites with high page rank so that your website has backlinks from popular websites.

Step 6: Maintaining & Article Creation

One important aspect for SEO is to increase the content of the article so that it has many keywords. For long-term management, we can also create articles to improve SEO. See the package below.

Step 7: Presenting & Monthly reporting

We will do a report to see the effectiveness of the SEO that we have done. Then we will present it to you.