Social Media Marketing

Social Media Marketing is one way to be able to promote your product or brand to your target customers by using social media platforms. By using social media, the approach will feel more personal so that it is expected to have a high level of effectiveness.

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Step 1: Briefing

First of all we will meet to conduct a briefing on what targets are expected from your company from conducting a social media campaign.

Step 2: Hashtag/Keyword Research

We will also research keywords/hashtag for the targets that we have set before. Besides that we will also help provide alternative keywords along with the level of popularity and competition.

Step 3: Marketing Content Creation

We will also help create content creation (captions) and image that appeal to your target customers so that our digital campaigns can work well.

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Step 4: Targeting

Next is setting the target for your prospective customers. Starting from setting up target platforms: Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, etc. Then target visitors: Gender, Age, Location, etc.

Step 5: Campaign Start

Here is the time to start the campaign. We will always see how effective the campaign is.

Step 6: Analysis, Reporting, and Re-Targeting

After that we will make analysis and reports from the campaigns that are carried out. You will get the report and re-targeting the campaign for future campaign from the results of the analysis.