Video Mapping

Video mapping is a technique in lighting or projection to create optical illusions on objects. The visual image created can change according to what is projected. We can help to make video mapping to make your place more attractive.

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Step 1: Briefing

We will have discussions with clients about how the Video Mapping is desired by the client.

Step 2: Analysis & Planning

The next step is to analyze what assets must be made, how the story, how the feel, mood, etc.

Step 3: Object Tracing

This stage is we conducted a survey to the location to tracing the location. The results of the tracing that we have obtained and the position of the projector that has been determined will be a reference for making videos.

Step 4: Asset Production

The next step is to make the video or animation based on the object that we already trace before. This stage is include: Animating, Editing, Rendering, SFX, Voice over if needed, Music, etc.

Step 5: Settings & Installation

The next step is to install the video and the projector in a predetermined position.

Step 6: Showing

This stage is the stage of the video show that has been made. In this stage also at the same time presenting the results of the video mapping that has been made.

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