Branding & Identity Development

Making a brand and identity is one crucial thing. How does your business grow well if you don't have a brand? Brands and logos are very different things. Brand shapes character, logo is a visualization of a brand. Let us help you create a brand and identity for you.

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Step 1: Brand Research

We conduct in-depth research on your brand. We study your business starting from the vision and mission of the company, corporate culture, social atmosphere in the company, and conducting quantitative or qualitative research on the inside and outside of the company.

Step 2: Analyzing the Research

We will analyze the results of the research and we will get several variables to be implemented in the brand and identity of the company.

Step 3: Logo Development

At this stage we will make several option logos for you to choose from the variables obtained in the previous process. You can choose an option. If it still feels lacking, we can revise the logo.

Step 4: Identity Development

After the logo is selected, we will also create company identities such as: Business Card, Flyer, Presentation, Stamp, Product Tag, Envelope, Letterhead, etc.

Step 5: Brand Guideliness Development

After everything is finished, we will make a brand guideline book like the example above. We make brand guideline so that your brand can be easily implemented in various media and become a guide for you and your team.

Step 6: Final Presentation

We will present all the work and work processes to you. If there is anything that needs to be revised we will fix it as soon as possible.

Step 7: Registering Brand's Intelectual Property (HAKI)

We will register your trademark and logo with the Directorate General of Indonesian Intellectual Property Rights (HKI). This must be done to maintain the security of your brand so that not just anyone can copy or use it.