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Audio Composing

Music is one of the important elements to emphasize the situation. We can compose music for the purposes of: Jingle Songs, Background Music (BGM) for videos or games, Sound Effects, etc.

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Step 1: Briefing

We will have discussions with clients about how the Music is desired by the client.

Step 2: Mood & Genre

The next stage is determining the mood and genre of the song to be made

Step 3: Composing

The next stage is to make compositions from music.

Step 4: Arranging

Then the next is the arrangement. Music Arranging is an adjustment to the composition of music with the singer's voice number or other instruments based on an existing composition so that the essence of the music does not change.

Step 5: Recording

After the music arrangement is good, the next step is recording with the necessary musical instruments.

Step 6: Mixing

At the mixing stage, all the record results of the songs will be put together and given pointing to the important instruments in the song.

Step 7: Mastering

The last stage is mastering. This stage perfects the songs that have been mixed before so that it sounds more perfect.