Graphic Design

Visualization of a marketing tool is very important. With a good design, it will increase trust in your brand. Good visualization will also increase awareness and good impressions when you see it. We can help you create graphic designs for your brand needs.

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Step 1: Briefing

We will meet with clients and discuss what designs are needed by the client.

Step 2: Analyze Brand Identity

We will study the client's brand identity. Study the logo, color, typeface used, shape, and all design elements used by the client. If you need to create your Brand Identity, please click below:

Create Brand Identity

Step 3: Present the Mood Board

We will confirm to the client about the moodboard for the design that will be used. We will also take a number of design references for benchmarking.

Step 4: Design Process

Now is the design stage. We will confirm if there are assets or material that we need. If you need an Photography Services for asset, please click below:

Get a PhotoshotPhotoshoot Talent

Step 5: Print & Present

The final stage is that we will present the results of our designs and if the client needs printing services, we can help print them.